Here’s a preview of the newly re-rigged Titan enemy’s core animations, including idle, spotting, pursuing, and attacking.

We’ve decided to move away from using the animation plugin Puppet2D due to it’s issues with editing skin weights (no ability to undo, as well as an awkward approach to smoothing between weights), lack of helpful tutorials/resources, and an over-complicated workflow. Instead we are looking to rebuild/re-rig all of our characters in Unity2D’s Animation Preview Package. Though this has resulted in some mishaps between Unity updates due to the package still being a “preview” (i.e. IK’s losing bone references), the intuitive workflow of the animation package has lead to better-looking results in less time with very little frustration.

In the future we will make a conscious decision to try and avoid using third-party-developed tools in Unity, as there is always a risk of them being unreliable and ultimately unsupported by Unity.

We will look to utilise Unity’s ever-increasing support and development of built-in 2D features during the development of Out of Sight.