A very common thing that happens when brain storming game ideas is feature creep. Due to the nature of a space simulation game and game development in general we have decided to change direction slightly in the core mechanics of the game. The main reason for this is because the original idea of a resource gathering, survival, space exploration game started to become very overwhelming for us. We’ve working on this game in our spare time while working full-time jobs and as we are looking at how much work we have achieved so far and the amount of work yet to come it quickly became apparent to us that we need to strip things back and have a more achievable target.

The Changes

Light Years will now be a rogue like shooting game with stealth and puzzle elements. Since we have created two characters already Light Years has potential of being a coop game. But for now, it will be a single player game where the player can choose either the female or male character, and the other one will become a companion. In coop one player must be the male character and the other the female character, but to save feature creep again we are sticking to single player until a later date. Team work between the two characters is vital as each character has different strengths and abilities and you as the player must utilise each characters ability depending on the situation.


Now that Light Years will have only one protagonist to control we will be including controller support which will open opportunities to bring our game to consoles (Nintendo Switch/Xbox/Playstation) as well as desktop (Windows/Linux/OSX). However, for now desktop is our main focus and will be the first platforms we release on.