A Space Management Sim in which you take control of a crew that is humanity’s last hope.

  • Motivate your crew to build and maintain morale and healthy relationships.
  • Develop a range of skills within your crew so that they can provide each other with essential resources, guaranteeing survival on their voyage to the far reaches of space.
  • Discover and explore mysterious procedurally generated planets which can be potentially hostile or hospitable to your crew.
  • Befriend, trade, or defend your crew from alien life forms.
  • Continue the legacy of your original crew with an advanced family-tree mechanic.

We are very excited to be announcing our new indie game project Light Years, and today marks the beginning of our development blogs. We have some big ideas for this game that we are still ironing out and prototyping. However, production has started and this website will serve as our hub, where we will bring updated news on our progress and showcase game art, music, new features, and more. We will also be reaching out through other social media outlets to spread the word and build a community.

Looking forward to the future.

– Mainframe Games